Conducting studies or research related to problems of society and the nation which is  viewed from various science viewpoints. Conduct a study of Islamic Rahmatan Lil’Alamin both from Al-Quran, Al hadits, classic holy book and ideology of contemporary ulama so the virtue can be useful not only for Muslims but also the entire society. Provide solution or answer of society problem in terms of education, culture, and research-based economy.






Capacity building program for students which focuses on development of national insight, leadership, nationalism, and religion inclusivism. Participants are member or activists of intra and extra school organization.

  1. Student Peace Camp (SPC)

The program aims to make leader in school environment, so the participants in this program is a leader or a core member of intra and extra school organization

  1. Sport and Cultural Festival

This program is an event to approach to develop students’ interest. For instance, Islamic Cultural Festival is expected to preserve the culture and Islamic art in school environment; Marawis, Hadrah, etc.

  1. Djakarta Creative School

Djakarta Creative School is student community programs that focus on skills development especially in the field of Public Speaking, Writing, Photography And Vlogging combined with the concept of traveling both domestic and foreign destinations.

Intensive Camp (BPUN)

BPUN is the abbreviation of Bimbingan Belajar Pasca Ujian Nasional which translates to “tutoring after National Examination”. It is education advocacy program and motivation for poor students who have a good achievement to take the opportunity to study in state universities. BPUN Program held IN about 53 cities/districts in Indonesia and 65%  pass the University Entrance Selection.


Best of the Best

Alumni mentoring program for the best MataAir Alumni is spread in various state universities in Indonesia such as ITB, UGM, UI, UNDIP, UNAIR, UNS, ITS, etc.The Alumni of MataAir with GPA more than 3.4 of scale 4.0 will be selected to participate in “Best of the Best” MataAIr. Their leadership quality will be enhanced and their insight will be expanded to seize the opportunity and ready to compete in the future. Besides character building, they will get TOEFL Scholarship to be able to compete and success in getting a scholarship to continue studying (S2-S3) abroad; government scholarship program through the Institute of Education Fund Management (LPDP).

MataAir Bisnis School

  • Students or Alumni of MataAir Foundation Program who are talented in entrepreneurship will be advocated to build a business unit together. Business class will be established as a business incubator for the students or alumni who have a competency to build an employment opportunity.
  • Mentoring for Vocational High School alumni by establishing the Joint Business Community (KUB) between the alumni with School Environment and boarding school in order to be able to produce a business product that can be used by creative industries and become a labor provider for companies that need the product.

Mataair Scholarship

  • The alumni of Tutoring Program or Intensive Camp of MataAir Foundation (BPUN) who not received a scholarship from the government (Bidik Misi Scholarship), we will cooperate with several parties for fundraising/sponsorship for scholarships. We provide scholarships to outstanding alumni of Mataair in order to continue and finish their studies on State Universities.
  • TOEFL Course scholarship; Best alumni of MataAir are awarded scholarships TOEFL courses as capital to continue study abroad.

Training Of Trainer 

Training of Trainer (TOT) is a recruitment program which at the same time strengthening the capacity of spiritual mentor or murraby to have competence in academic, religious insight and national insight in order to become an inspiring figure for students. OSIS and Spiritual School Activist are a briefing mentor activity to provide guidance and motivation to Senior High Schools students in Jakarta.