MataAir Profile

“ Education Philanthropy Movement”

Mata Air Community is a community or non-profit organization/non-government organization which opens to all “Children of Adam” that inspired by a Kyai– humanist, KH Ahmad Mustofa Bisri (His mission profiles can be accessed at Gus Mus youtube channel TV and Mata Air Community has “flowing the water” to all corners of Indonesia. This community was established by Gus Mus together with some Kyai, intellectuals and professionals such as Al Habib Luthfi bin Yahya, Dr. KH. As’ad Said Ali, KH Masdar F. Mas’udi, KH Muadz Thohir, KH Thantowi Jauhari Musaddad dan (Alm) KH. Masykur Maskub. The name of “Mata Air” was chosen as the title of the community because there is a longing of human values that bequeathed by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

These values come from “spring” of His ideology which “pure” and not contaminated by the waste of modern civilization. The founders Mata Air Community would like to invite all children of Adam without the barrier of religion and culture, to release their “spiritual thirst” by swallowing the purity of ideology, advice, and model of Prophet Muhammad SAW as well as the ulama salaf did it directly from the original source “the spring”.

Nusron Wahid and his friends made Mata Air as an education philanthropic movement; improving the quality of education of students in rural areas while providing religious understanding that Rahmatal lilalamin for urban students. Since 2006 Mentoring of Students and santri become a flagship program MataAir Foundation; initiate tutoring through intensive camp in boarding school, for one and a half months for students and santri who are smart and poor in order to compete and pass the admission into state universities, especially to top 10 universities in Indonesia. This program is considered as an early solution of structural problems of poverty that begin from the limitation on the legal right of access to education.

The thirst community to the spiritual values that soothing and enlightening is tried to be filled by Mata Air Community through many activities such as recitation of Quran routine, publishing of “MataAir” magazine and community media portal is religious, simple and applicable youtube channel that appropriates with the needs of urban communities.