Program Beasiswa S2

Deadline Aplikasi Nama Beasiswa Penyedia Persyaratan Khusus Spesialisasi Site Info DN/DL
1 Feb 2015 Doctoral and Masters Opportunities Central European University Central European University   social sciences, humanities, law, public policy, business management, economics, environmental sciences and policy, and mathematics Postgraduate Studentships Hungary
Jan-Apr 2015 (annual) Chinese Government Scholarships-Bilateral Program for International Students Chinese Government Bachelor, Master, PhD Scholars For Goverment

Study In China

15 March 2015 (annual) York University International Student Program Bachelor Scholars For Goverment Canada
9/23 Jan 2015 (annual)* Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme at Oxford University Scholars For Goverment Inggris